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Larry Auster, an unflinching traditionalist, can get carried away analyzing an indiviudal's physical appearance.

For instance, here's what he wrote about the liberal Rep. Wasserman-Schultz: "Like her silly name 'Debbie,' her hairstyle is immature and inappropriate for a politician and congresswoman."

Style Network, have you got a spot for Fashionista Larry?

Meanwhile one of his male readers wrote this (with a straight face): "Here's a reason to support Michelle [sic] Bachmann (at least over Palin). Her children have good, old fashioned names instead of goofy, trendy names. Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Caroline, and Sophia. A couple of them are even Christian names."

Mrs. Bachmann, Mrs. Palin, or Ms. Wasserman-Schultz's score on, say, a Freedom Index? Now that seems like a better indicator of their political character, for a federal position of prominence, than whether they nickname their son 'Puck' or whether they "rock" fake eyelashes.

P.S. I like Deb's hair. But not her politics.

On the other hand: Mr. Auster insightfully blogs about Campus Crusade for Christ, the national collegiate organization, rechristening itself as "cru." Cru? That name instantly brings to mind ... the Lord? Nope. More like the rowing sport or, maybe, the store.

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