Trevor Bayne: "Tim Tebow at 200 mph"

What a feel-good story!

An unknown, not well-to-do twenty-year-old, with a megawatt smile, wins the Daytona 500.

Trevor Bayne is also a born-again Christian. His positive attitude and spontaneity makes the NASCAR heavyweights (Stewart, Earnhardt, Busch, etc.) seem boring and corporate.

From the Boston Herald: "He has everything the critics say the sport is missing. He has personality. He has pizzazz. He has loads of humility but no fear. He has the faith, fun and family values that NASCAR fans crave. He is Tim Tebow at 200 mph.

He excitedly referred to Jesus Christ as 'THE MAN' after he won the race. And when somebody asked him what would be the first thing he buys with the $1.5 million prize for winning the Daytona 500, he talked about donating some of the money to a number of Christian-based charities."

My family watched Trevor's final lap, and we were all chuckling when he said he didn't know how to get to victory lane.

This is Trevor's second NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. R-O-O-K-I-E!

He received his GED online as he became a little too busy pursuing life in the fast lane (groan, people, groan) to stick with conventional schooling methods.

Congratulations, Mr. Bayne. Please stay humble, and stay away from groupies.

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