Don't 'Friend' Me

Reasons why folks, who like Mass Media, don't like Facebook:

Here's Chin Wong, a columnist for the Manila Standard;

Here's Matt Labash from the Weekly Standard;

Andy Ostroy of the Huffington Post rants (some #@!!% language);

Gene Weingarten's Washington Post piece has a point-on headline and funny cartoon;

Bunch of Hollywood celebs explain why they don't participate in Facebook, including the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (some of these reasons are hilarious);

Parents, including one very famous mom, who don't let their children have accounts.

Update and h/t to Mr. R: Of course, the younger generation much prefers social networking to blogging. The NYT explains why.

'Nother Update: An Egyptian man - who got way too caught up in the moment - named his daughter "Facebook."

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