The Oklahoman: Excelling at Yellow Journalism

Tomorrow, Oklahoma City will have a city council election.

Two of the gentleman running for ward (as they are called) spots are Adrian Van Manen and Cliff Hearron. Both are simpatico to the Tea Party.

Coincidentally, they are both congregants at the same fundamentalist Baptist church - Windsor Hills Baptist Church - whose extracurricular activities have offended the delicate sensibilities of the desk jockeys of the Oklahoman.

Two hints: The church strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and has featured Confederate flags on its website.

This past Sunday the Oklahoman did a front page story about the church. Interesting timing.

Guess the Establishment must be worried that Mr. Van Manen and Mr. Hearron might get elected and not toe the party line. In this case, the party line means being pro-Chamber of Commerce, an entity known for ruthlessly turning folksy central Oklahoma into a dull bastion of economism and corporate welfare. The latter mechanism was instrumental in bringing the former Seattle SuperSonics, now the Oklahoma City Thunder, to the Sooner State.

Here's the Oklahoman story by Michael Baker and John Estus, stenographers for the status quo.

BTW: This OK legislator's controversial House of Worship choice didn't rate a front-page expose.

Then, again, he's one of those pro-skyscraperization sorts.

Update: Today, the Oklahoman runs an editorial endorsing the two Baptists' opposition (who are also the incumbents).


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