Stay Classy, Conservatives

Andrew Breitbart: "We live in two media Americas. Those not in the emerging and developing right media camp are inventing new ways to circumvent the liberal media's stranglehold on the national political narrative."

Gotta appreciate how effectively Mr. Breitbart's 'big' information revolution marches on, sans infrastructure. His irreverence is very refreshing.

Now a word about the comments at Big Journalism and Big Hollywood. Specifically, about the piece I wrote which drew many responses, as well as responses to the responses. A special thanks to all the 'Big' posters who artfully defended the Duggars and the culture of life.

But I draw the line at, first, salty comments that degrade folks' physical appearance and, second, profanity. In that respect, a handful of the attacks on Ms. Fotopoulos, at Big J & H, crossed the line. However, the bloggers at the BIGS don't have the last word about the headlines, photos, videos, or moderation of comments. It is the editors, who usually do a great job keeping it spicy and relevant, that are in charge of the nuts and bolts and style protocol. And taste, as we all know, is subjective, and individuals get very emotional - sometimes rightfully so - when they feel their choices or ideas are being misrepresented.

Bottom line: Punchy and provocative is gold, profane and overly personal - not classy.

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