(Sorta) Sunday Inspiration: Gold Chasers

Ryan Vaughan reviews Gold Rush: Alaska. Hint: He Likes it. He really likes it. Another hint: It's nothing like the airbrushed Sarah Palin's Alaska.

He writes: "Yes, it's reality show drama, but it's as pure as you can get with cameras around. People's livelihoods are on the line and that is at once inspiring and befuddling. I would say we could all use a little of that unbridled sense of adventure and desperation to revitalize our country, but these rugged gentlemen already have."

In a nation of couch potatoes and desk jockeys, that's well said. Unfortunately, the State has curtailed mining and logging, so these type of gutsy, guy-oriented adventures are hard to come by.

This show, btw, is my husband's guilty pleasure. He says the characters are more "raw" than "rugged." Photo of the cast:

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