Kobach: Character, Looks, and Brains

Newsweek describes immigration attorney Kris Kobach as "America's Deporter in Chief."

What a compliment!

But even the Newsweek writer can't help but be impressed with Kris' Ivy League bonafides.

Tony Dokubil states: "Kobach’s contagious ideas and all-American good looks have made him a fixture on Fox News. But he’s no wingnut. His path to public life is so pedigreed it makes John Kerry seem rough-hewn. Kobach earned top undergrad honors at Harvard; won a Marshall scholarship to Oxford, where he picked up a political-science doctorate; got a law degree from Yale, where he was an editor of The Yale Law Journal; and did missionary work in Africa. He even won two Masters national rowing titles in the men’s double scull."

He could have added that Attorney Kris is also polite and unpretentious ... the complete package.

The money quote, in the Newsweek piece, comes from Kris himself: “You can’t have open immigration and a welfare state.”

Those type of comments - and his legal fights - have now netted the 'Chief Deporter' his very own $PLC exposé. Hot off the press! The Merchants of Slime even gave it a folksy title: "When Mr. Kobach Comes to Town."

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