'The People' Chose This Guy?

This genius - who won a Washington Post punditry contest - thinks that Middle America's grave economic problems can be solved with more immigration. Williams, in fact, thinks the "Midwest can't survive without immigrants."


The working-class folks in my corner of Michigan are hurting for good-paying jobs and choices in employment. To that end, they travel long distances, in ice and snow, to labor at low-paying jobs in big box stores and fast-food chains and wherever else (e.g. the casinos) they can earn some bucks. A few high-tech start-ups, created by well-educated immigrants, are all well and good and worthy of props, but it does not an economy make, Mr. Williams.

The people I live alongside need the secure jobs that American manufacturing plants once provided. Manufacturing, alas, has become a dirty word, but it's still the "engine" for growth. Just ask the Chinese.

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