ABC Propaganda Piece: Are you kidding me?

This looks like a Saturday Night Live skit, it's so ridiculous. But it isn't. It's 'respected' ABC News reporter John Quiñones blatantly lying about SB 1070; the law forbids racial profiling. And since when do security guards run around restaurants causing a fuss about the immigration bonafides of patrons?

Let's see if Richard Cohen, Southern Poverty Law Center president, writes to ABC news head, Ben Sherwood, to ask that Quiñones be canned because this 'reporter' is promoting "racist conspiracy theories."

Recall that Cohen wrote a letter to CNN/U.S.’s then-president Jonathan Klein last year, asking that popular newscaster Lou Dobbs be “removed” from the airwaves because, in part, Dobbs was promoting “racist conspiracy theories” (translation: Dobbs wanted a debate about the controversy surrounding Obama's birth certificate).

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