No Incentive to Be Chaste

Words fail me after reading this shocking essay about teen moms who can barely read ... but they didn't fail Gerry Garibaldi, a Connecticut teacher and the author of "Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister."

He argues that urban schools, like the one he teaches at, have become "puppy mills," due to the generous welfare benefits given to students who become pregnant.

Update: This article, by Beverly K. Eakman, strikes me as an appropriate companion piece to Gerry's column. It's called "Whatever happened to mommy?" But Dr. Bev also points out the role that daddy used to have (or should have) protecting his daughter(s) from sexual predators. Adolescents could stand to have, not just a Tiger Mom, but a pair of strict Latino parents.

'Nother Update: What it's like to be a poor, yet principled neighbor of these moms and their boyfriends.

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