Complimentary Copy, People

This past week, I mailed a copy of The Victims of Illegal Immigration to Kathy from Flint, Michigan.

Here's what she wrote me: "I got the pamphlet, today, and started reading it immediately; after a few minutes I realized I hadn't even taken my coat off. I read the whole thing. I am in my fifties, and I do NOT recognize my country any more ..."

That's exactly the type of reaction I hoped to provoke, from concerned Americans, when I eagerly assumed the task of editing the booklet.

One of the booklet's most powerful and moving essays, by Ray Tranchant, has been posted here. An overview of the booklet is here and here. One of the better-known contributors is mentioned here.

If you'd like a complimentary copy or would like one sent to a friend, legislator, or activist, please email me. Truly every single contributor - and there's 16 of them - did a first-class job.

The adorable little girl in photo: The late Tessa Tranchant, Ray's daughter.

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