A Top Ten List of Passe, Esoteric Majors

Among college majors that are fast becoming obsolete, American Studies gets kicked to the curb, according to this writer.

And if you're wondering what the schools that still offer the A.S. major actually teach the students, check out Amherst College's offerings. If this representative - good riddance.

Update & H/T Wayne: Youth art education has also gone political. This WSJ writer explains that some radicals want "Brinco" to be a staple of art ed.

Here's why: "A few years ago a 'contemporary artist' named Judi Werthein made headlines when she distributed specially designed and equipped sneakers to Mexicans waiting to cross the U. S. border. She called her piece 'Brinco,' from the Spanish word for 'jump.' Sneakers are also apt here. Ms. Werthein's shoes — equipped with a compass, map, flashlight, and medication — were intended to assist people engaging in illegal immigration."

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