To Ban, or Not to Ban

USA Today reports that European burqa bans (like in France, Belgium, and Germany) are all the rage.

An imam - Taj Hargey (pictured) who lives in the UK - goes on the record and makes several sensible comments. Like this one: "Islam is not here to impose minarets or (women in burqas) on this society, but to assimilate to it. We don't do enough to show that we aren't a threat."

Dr. Hargey has carved out a reputation as a cheerful moderate who regularly does battle with "Muslim McCarthyists." Now, what would Joe think of that phrase?

Update: While Europe ponders the burqa, the U.S. now can boast of a bodacious hair-free beauty queen who will be participating in the Miss America pageant! Meet Kayla Martell, the new Miss Delaware 2010 who has turned the burden of alopecia into a blessing.

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