Here Comes the Bride - NOT!

Rep. Dave Agema, of Michigan, is going to propose bold legislation aimed at denying illegal aliens marriage licenses.

Missive from the Rep's office: "The measure from the Grandville lawmaker is in response to two lawsuits that have been filed in Ottawa and Kent counties against the clerks for requiring Social Security Numbers from marriage license applicants. Under his legislation, potential brides and grooms would need to show at least two forms of identification to local county clerks to receive a marriage license.

'It's ridiculous that Ottawa County Clerk Dan Krueger and Kent County Clerk Mary Hollinrake have been sued for doing their jobs,' Agema said. 'If people are requesting a legal document from the government, the government must be able to check proof that the applicant is who they say they are. It may seem trivial to require such documentation, but a marriage license is an important legal paper that can be leveraged into obtaining additional identification papers that could contain falsehoods that threaten our country's security.' TCC Comment: Ridiculous, indeed, and costly.

Both lawsuits against the county clerks were brought by anonymous illegal immigrants listed as Juan and Juana Doe. TCC comment: Anonymous illegal immigrants are suing? Ridiculous and costly.

Agema's bill would make it state law that a county clerk shall not issue a marriage license unless the following are provided:

- Birth Certificate (foreign certificates must be translated by a state government authorized certified translator);

- Naturalization Certificate;

- If previously married, certified copy of divorce judgment or certified death certificate;

- Social Security Card (unless excused from obtaining for religious reasons through federal or state constitution/law); and

- One of the following pictured identification which may include:

� State issued driver license;

� Passport; either US or foreign; and

� State Identification Card.

- A non-citizen must present one of the following:

� Work Visa/Green card;

� Student Visa; and

� Foreign Passport.

� Resident Alien Card."

"Juan and Juana Doe"

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