Green for Thee, But Not for Me

'King' Henry's Next Crib

File under: Green hypocrites who pretend to be populists.

If the Oklahoma governor - Brad Henry - truly cared about living in an environmentally-friendly fashion, as his administration pushes Sooner State residents to do, he should have elected to buy a more modest abode. (Henry's second term in office will end in January 2011, so the top-dog, term-limited Democrat has to move out of his subsidized mansion. To boot, the old hometown - Shawnee - is not cosmopolitan enough for him and his family.)

Check out more of the photos of his nearly 6,000 sq. ft. manse which cost $795,000. It will largely be home to only three people (since Henry's two older daughters will be away at college).

Typical ostentious ruling-class digs (and in a tony section of Oklahoma City).

Missed opportunity to practice what you preach, and walk the talk.

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