Newspaper Industry Goes on a Diet

A report about the state of the newspaper industry. By cutting payroll costs and going for thinner, smaller pages, newspapers are surviving - for now.

Maybe one of these days the old guard will figure out that part of the reason readership has been declining is due to the (boring) pro-liberal-establishment editorial content of the majority of small, medium, and large dailies.

Having said that, I still like to buy and hold an actual newspaper. But not as frequently as I once did. And those who clip and share articles - a very civilized custom - are largely from the older generation. Natch.


Henry Cate said...

Our local paper is pretty liberal. The recent election drove this home. The paper constantly pushed for more government.

I take some satisfaction that the paper is getting smaller. Some times I can tell that even in a month or two the paper is thinner.

The only thing we would really miss is the comics.

TCC said...

My husband would miss the crossword puzzle.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Henry!