Fish Wars: Breach in Security

The dreaded Asian carp - an unwanted illegal invader if there ever was one - was found in Lake Calumet.

That's on Chicago South Side, not far from Lake Michigan.

(Isn't that Tony Rezko country?)

There's a reason this greedy, aggressive fish isn't welcome in the Great Lakes: "Scientists and fishermen fear that if the carp become established in the lakes, they could starve out popular sport species and ruin the region's $7 billion fishing industry. Asian Carp can grow to 4 feet and 100 pounds and eat up to 40 percent of their body weight daily."

The news story contains this fascinating observation from an anti-illegal Asian carp activist: "Invaders will stop at nothing short of bricks and mortar, and time is running short to get that protection in place." Oh, the irony! The parallels!

And this quote from Michigan's attorney general: "Responsibility for this potential economic and ecological disaster rests solely with President Obama," (Mike) Cox said. "He must take action immediately by ordering the locks closed and producing an emergency plan to stop Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan." Oh, the irony! The parallels!

Too bad it's too impolitic for this Cox fella, who is running for governor, to use the fishy opportunity to make appropriate noises about states' rights.

Even if that strikes ├╝ber-federalists as 'that's so 1930s.'

Update: The coming of a Carp Czar?

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