Political Correctness in Havre, Montana

The ACLU-Montana division goes after Montana State University-Northern, located in Havre, for allowing an evangelical pastor to lead the invocation and benediction at the school’s commencement ceremony. My take on the sorry controversy.

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The Havre Daily Corrector has more on this story. (The ACLU, that is, not the BN website). Go here and here. Quite a 'poem' from one of the complaining profs - eeuuww!

7/1 Update: I heard back from Pastor Tim Zerger. He told me that the ACLU is no longer pursuing this matter; he also shared what he actually prayed at the graduation.

States Pastor Zerger: "Just for your information I never did speak about Jesus as personal Savior or in having a personal relationship, though I believe in these things. I just asked Jesus to bless the students."

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