Fremont, Nebraska: Illegal Alien Referendum

Today, in eastern Nebraska, voters will decide on an e-verify measure.

Reports the Fremont Tribune: "Businesses that apply for any business license or permit in Fremont, or that are awarded a contract to work for the city, would be required to submit an affidavit that the business does not knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien and also must provide documentation showing that the business participates in the E-Verify program."

The response by public officials is interesting: more police officers at the polls.

The usual suspects gather to protest the ordinance.

And a very one-sided 'article' which features a local judge who is happy to encourage lawlessness because it seems too gauche (to him) to be for rule of law.

I bet voters in the Nuevo Middle America will overwhelmingly approve the measure.

Update: Kris Kobach helped draft Fremont's ordinance.

Update: Approved!

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