Emoly West is Miss Oklahoma 2010

The last few days I've mentioned Oklahoma, twice, regarding issues not related to immigration, but related to American culture, a sub-theme of this blog.

Here we go again, as I can't pass up an "I knew her when ..." opportunity.

A family friend - Emoly West - was crowned Miss Oklahoma last night. I wrote about Emoly here and here.

Now Emoly will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas. (Amazed they still call it that, no?)

Emoly has been organizing benefit balls, for several years, and donating the proceeds to various conservative-oriented causes.

Photo: The new Miss O in the classic cry-n-crown pose.

Update ... the U-Tube of the annoucement:

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you "knew her when". We miss you guys. Good to see and hear from you, every now & then. Keep up the good work, this blog is great! Blessings!