They Marched in Birmingham ... for Illegals

Birmingham, Alabama was the site of a sizeable "silent march," this past weekend, to protest the Yellowhammer State's new immigration enforcement law (similar to Arizona's SB 1070) which goes into effect this September.

Children were among the marchers likely due to the fact that this immigration law requires "schools to check the immigration status of their students ... lawmakers said the purpose instead is to gather data on how many are enrolled and how the much the state is spending to educate them." (Plyler v. Doe requires states/taxpayers to fund the K-12 education of all children, illegal or legal.)

Alabama has an estimated 120,000 illegals who allegedly work in construction, agriculture, and chicken processing plants, according to this article. It also has a 9.3% unemployment rate.

After Alabama's H.B. 56 was signed into law by Gov. Robert Bentley, Republican State Senator Scott Beason, one of the legislation's sponsors said, "This will put thousands of Alabamians back in the work force." The law also requires businesses to use e-verify.

The (anti-American worker) Southern Poverty Law Center has pledged to fight a law they describe as 'racist' and 'unconstitutional.'

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