JET: How He Beat LeBron & the Vodoo

Well done, Mavs!

Hasta la vista, Santeros.

Auf Wiedersehen, Heat fans.

Don't forget how King James bragged, bragged, bragged, bragged, bragged, bragged, bragged, and bragged. Pride goeth before a fall, LeBronski.

Update: No Ring gets churlish.


Anonymous said...

Yes, your statement is true, and the entire performance following the "decision" is extremely self-serving. However, consider two things: First. He is 26. Merely a young adult who is arguably the most popular athlete in the world at the moment and allowed to make some statements that are slightly over-the-top. The spotlight is brighter on him than the entire NBA combined. Second: He did have a great playoffs and year. In the top 3 for the MVP votes, a triple double in Game 5, which Jordan never did, and the Heat made the NBA finals in their first year after the massive trades they made. Neither Jordan or Kobe did this in their first year with their team.

Props to the Dallas team and ownership. A class act on all fronts and glad those guys got a championship.

-The Green Machine

TCC said...

Green Machine: Truth be told, LeBron's pre-championship statements and actions kept it all wildly entertaining and probably kept the masses watching these finals.

And the Heat does deserve props for making the Finals.

But as the player who has a "chosen 1" tat on his back - King James remains very mock-worthy.

Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says ... Usually, unless the Celtics are in the finals, I don't pay too much attention. I guess I'm now part of the masses that were wildly entertained by the off-the-court antics, not to mention extremely impressed with the on-the-court prowess of Dirk, the Jasons, and other Mavs who performed (not as in acting, either!) on a high level consistently, even with the pressure on them to finally win one. Now let's see if the Bruins can pull it out in the Stanleys.

Also, it's refreshing to hear JET acknowledge God in such a thankful, respectful way. I hope they repeat.