Gov. Deval Patrick: Still Snubbing Dad

Update, from The Fatherhood Coalition, on Bay State Governor Deval Patrick’s refusal to allow a Father’s Day banner at the Massachusetts State House ...

"With little more than a week to go before Father’s Day the Patrick administration’s lead officials still refuse to give the ok to a Father’s Day banner at the State House. The latest excuse according to those who have called his State House office is that the banner did not meet the ‘standards’ required. In fact, we were told the banner and the Father’s Day message was fine by John Billera, head of the Bureau of State Office Buildings, but that The Fatherhood Coalition was ‘political’ and political signs are banned. Nothing could be further from the truth as both the organization (a non-profit not allowed to engage in political activities), and the Father’s Day message are anything but political. Gov. Patrick’s refusal to honor fathers is thus inexplicable.

Please give the governor's office a call, each day until Father’s Day June 19, and request that he reverse this decision and allow a Father's Day banner. Let the governor know he should support and honor fathers."

Gov. Patrick's number is 1 888 870-7770 or 617 725-4005. Inquiries are best directed to Mr. Mo Cowan, chief of staff.


Two interviews with Jeff Katz, TALK1200 radio, on the Patrick administration’s refusal to allow a Father’s Day banner:

Here's Dr. Peter Hill, media spokesperson, The Fatherhood Coalition

Here's Joe Ureneck, chair, The Fatherhood Coalition

In the photo: D. Patrick.

Update: The guv makes time to attend Gay Pride.