Ed Kelley: Washington Times Puts a Liberal in Charge

The conservative Washington Times has hired a liberal as its new editor.

Although I'm sure Ed Kelley (pictured, right), who has been working as the editor of The Oklahoman, would prefer to be thought of as a 'sensible moderate.'

Under his watch, The Oklahoman ...

... attacked conservative candidates who financed their own campaigns

... attacked conservative candidates who are strong 2nd Amendment supporters

... published feel-good illegal immigration stories

... promoted gay pride teen literature

and floundered economically, while keeping the good ol' boy network viable.

Way to go, WT.

Update: Insider's insider.

'Nother Update: Look at the sort of journalists getting honored by the Gaylords (who own the Oklahoman) - Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, for one. Big J noted Friedman's obsession with global warming and living large.

Addition: A video of Kelley taking several cheap shots at Sooner State Tea Party candidates and their religious views. In contrast, Pat McGuigan, who used to work with Kelley at the Oklahoman, defends Adrian VanManen, one of the men Kelley the Shallow is attacking.


Kenneth said...

Yet another example of the media's suicidal myopia.

TCC said...

Here's more at this blog:


Scroll down to "The Oklahoman, Ever More Out of Step"