No Father’s Day banner at MA State House

I received this email from a pro-daddy organization based in Massachusetts:

"The Patrick administration has taken the extraordinary position that the State House is no place for a banner to honor fathers on this upcoming Father's Day, June 19. An application to hang a banner, as has been done by a variety of organizations and groups recently, was submitted to the Bureau of State Office Buildings, a department under the governor's jurisdiction, by The Fatherhood Coalition.

The application was denied and several requests for the governor's office to intervene have gone unanswered.

Since Governor Patrick has spoken in the past about the importance of fathers and stable families his administration's refusal to allow a banner honoring fathers is both inexplicable and disturbing. Public support for fathers, and by extension families and children, by the governor should be a priority.

Please give the governor's office a call, each day until June 19, and request that he reverse this decision and allow a Father's Day banner. Let the governor know he should support and honor fathers.

Governor Patrick's office number is 1 888 870-7770. Inquiries are best directed to his chief of staff Mr. Mo Cowan."

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Kenneth said...

Yet another example of the insanity and evil of our times.