Starstruck: Et tu, Rick? U2, Rick.

Since Rick Santorum has formally announced that he's running for president, I formally remind readers that Rick hearts Bono and the latter's penchant to use American taxpayer monies (translation: legal plunder) for his bleeding-heart causes, like the Global Fund.

From CQ Weekly, 2005, quoting Rick: “ 'And I usually see Bono when he comes to town, too.' Santorum recently tacked on an amendment to the Senate-passed fiscal 2006 budget resolution that would add $500 million in multilateral funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. And he says Bono’s personal lobbying of lawmakers helps get attention to the issues. 'You bring in the president of the Life Insurance Association, and it’s a little different,' the senator says with a laugh. 'He doesn’t have the glasses or the funky clothes.' But Santorum says Bono stands out from the other celebrities who hit the Hill because he comes to meetings prepared - and follows up.' "


Irishdude Bono, incidentally, is under fire, in Ireland, for not paying taxes.

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