The Show Me State's Little Knight

Bill Santy, of Chicopee, Massachusetts, is a civic-minded American and a proud grandpa. He sent me this photo of his precious grandchild who is homeschooled and is one of Missouri's reigning chess champs.

Adorable, no?


quabbinroad.com said...

Thank you for posting this photo of Ben Santy, Izzy. Ben won the MO state chess championship in the kindergarden division while his older brother (eight yrs old)won the MO second grade chess championship.

Homeschoolers have the edge!
Bill Santy(Grandpa)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is a lost art for sure. Amazing to see this guy doing so well.
Chess is something so few know about.
Great story!


TCC said...

Hey Grandpa Santy, You are welcome,
and you have many reasons to be proud of your grandsons, as well as their mom and dad. Blessings, Izzy