Little Boy Playboy Gets Burned

Tony Tears

Becky Akers serves up a scathing critique of Anthony 'Eat Crow' Weiner.

She writes, "To be clear, the guy is a louse. Which ordinarily wouldn’t concern me or you: a man’s priapic pictures, filthy Tweets, and infidelity are between him, his wife, and the Lord.

But we aren’t talking about a man: we’re talking about one of the sociopaths who rule us. These smug, arrogant bozos micromanage our lives to the tiniest detail – they demand that we light our homes with the bulbs they decree, drink the milk they approve, educate our children where and how they specify, watch broadcasts they regulate – yet they miserably fail at running their own affairs, so to speak. Is there a more dysfunctional set of fools anywhere than Congress? OK, yes: the average bureaucracy. Why do we listen to either, let alone pay their bills and kowtow to their every whim?"

Coz we don't really have a choice in the matter?

P.S. The very juvenile Weiner is (was?) quite the player. Yuck. It's all just a game for him ... until now.

Shocker: Mrs. Weiner is pregnant!

'Nother Shocker: Ashley Herzog blames 'the women.'


Kenneth said...

She sums up the situation very accurately and articulately.

My advice to Mrs. Weiner--have an exorcist present at the birthing.

TCC said...

Yes, Becky is a talented wordsmith.

An exorcist? You are harshing my mellow, Ken.