Larry K. writes of this photo (which he snapped): "A mural shaped like Hampshire County (MA), lamenting the cost of war, was unveiled last week ... in downtown Amherst. The activist art project is a collaboration of area high school youth and Hampshire College mentors who are members of 'Get Up Get Down' a program run by the Youth Action Coalition. The project cost about $500 in supplies and was sponsored by Amherst area businesses."

Click on the pix to more clearly see the causes the budding artistes think should, however, be generously funded by taxpayers (Hint: One begins with the letter "e.").

More art from the Little Marxists.

BTW: The title to this blog post is actually the title to a hard-hitting documentary about American education. See the trailer below.


Kenneth said...

At least the Socialist Realism art of the Soviet Union was usually competently done. American Neo-Socialist art? Yuck!

TCC said...

You mean like this: