What? No Candy?

Behold. Another classless labor union leaderette. This is Donna Dewitt, in the vid., whacking a piñata featuring the visage of Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

Just coz the GOP governor said: “We’ll make the unions understand full well that they are not needed, not wanted and not welcome in the state of South Carolina.”

Good for her!

(The gov., that is, not the leaderette.)


Dr. Ed said...

Imagine if this was the other way around, conservatives swinging at a piñata of a leftist woman. Men present in the audience if not swinging as well.

Imagine taxpayers swinging at a visage of Donna Dewitt. Just imagine...

We would be hearing about violence against women and all the rest. The outcry would be on the level of burning a cross on her front lawn, people would be investigated if not indicted for criminal threatening, etc.

And yet, well, hey -- anything goes if you have the right political beliefs.

TCC said...

Not a level playing field.