To the Old Dominion State

I will be spending the next ten days in Lynchburg, VA and am not planning on blogging during this time.


www.allanwall.info said...

Well, you have to have a break sometime! Have a good visit!

TCC said...

Thanks, AW. I am helping my son move into his new digs as he is starting grad school at Lynchburg College. It is pretty here!

TCC said...

Link to your Longoria piece:


An insightful, fun read, btw.

Ed said...

Interesting development in MA K-12:


Now the only question I have is who is doing the evaluating, and by what criteria.

Dr. Ed said...

BTW -- as to Lynchburg, you do know that is where the term "Lynch Law" and "Lynching" came from -- and it was the aggressive extra-legal pursuit of Tories during the Revolution.