Amherst Town Meeting Votes to Not Support Secure Communities Program

In latitudinarian Amherst, Massachusetts, the local legislative body makes a decision: "The 254th Annual Town Meeting ... easily adopted a resolution addressing the Secure Communities program ...

Under the Secure Communities program, fingerprints taken from a criminal are turned over to the FBI, who share them with the Department of Homeland Security.

But according to the resolution adopted, police and town officials to the 'extent permissible by law, shall not participate in federal law enforcement programs relating to immigration enforcement, including but not limited to, Secure Communities, and cooperative agreements with the federal government under which town personnel participate in the enforcement of immigration laws ... ' "

Even card-carrying liberals, like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX and in the photo), support this program.

I hope the Amherst PD blows off this anti-S-Comm directive.

P.S. The woman who promoted this idiocy - Ruth F. Hooke - is also the ol' gal who lobbied to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to Amherst.

She should be forced to relocate to Nuevo Laredo if she proposes another one of these 'put-innocent-people-at-risk' petitions.

Update: Video of Ruth (who is in her eighties) being a busybody.

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Dr. Ed, said...

This is why I believe it is less than 18 months until Amherst has a really bloody riot that makes Kent State look tame. It's coming, I am afraid.

Amherst while doing this, has no problem arresting and criminally charging UM students for having loud stereos. Forgetting the due process issues (exactly how many dB and measured from where constitutes "loud") it is only enforced against a certain group of the population who live in housing so substandard that -- well in the process of arresting some students for a noisy party, a police officer literally fell through the rotted first floor hallway of one of these buildings. The town knows.

I don't even really see this as a contradiction. Instead Amherst is an Alice in Wonderland town where words mean whatever the politically powerful want them to say, and greying dirty hippies and retired professors complain about the fact that there are -- heaven forbid -- college students in town.

It will be a spark -- something stupid like a drunken girl in high heels falling, a cop doing the decent thing and trying to catch her and instead falling on top of her -- all caught by cell phone camera and uploaded with a tag line something like "cops beat up on girl" and viral before anyone knows it.

And there is NO ONE with enough credibility to get the students to listen to the fact that is not what happened. Or say something a little less innocent happens -- the APD loves to drive very VERY fast (I clocked them at about 100 MPH on University Drive once) and eventually they will hit someone. It will be Crown Heights all over again, except this time it will be the college kids v. the townies.

Izzy, can't we just restore Lake Hitchcock?