Lori Anne Madison: 6-year-old Qualifies for Scripps Nat'l Spelling Bee

She is the youngest contestant in the history of the bee!

Meet Lori Anne Madison of Woodbridge, Virginia, who is a precocious prodigy.

And an angelic-looking one at that.

The AP reports: "She hit all her milestones early, walking and talking well before others in her play group. She was reading before she was 2. She swims four times a week, keeping pace with 10-year-old boys, and wants to be in the Olympics. When her mother tried to enroll her in a private school for the gifted, the headmaster said Lori Anne was just way too smart to accommodate and needed to be home-schooled."

Right on, Headmaster. Right on, Mom and Dad for taking that advice to heart.

Lori Anne's winning word in the regional contest: Vaquero. Spanish for cowboy. Yeehaw!

Besides being a competitive swimmer, she is also a bookworm. The Bee begins later this week.

Watch her spell a long word in this video.


Kenneth said...

Mighty cute!

TCC said...

So telegenic, too.