One Reason for Those High Gas Prices

Petroleum engineer and Constitution Party leader Thom Holmes asks, "Is your wallet feeling the sting of the rising gasoline prices? Mine sure is! Do you wonder why and what is causing it? We heard predictions at the beginning of this year that gasoline would set records for high prices this year which seemed pretty odd to me. However, several companies had already made known their plans to reduce the gasoline refining capacity in the East Coast region by 50% because those aging facilities were unprofitable. No matter what the product is, if you reduce capacity by 50% then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict a rise in prices."

Now here's another rational commentary from a CP member. Rick Kiesz vows, "I will always vote NO on any school bond that appears on a ballot. There is no evidence that more money spent on 'government' schools turns out a smarter student, but there are many schools that turn out smarter students with LESS money."

I wholeheartedly agree, Rick, and exercised my right to vote 'no,' yesterday, in a 'special' school election in my community.

This placard appeared in a Missouri campaign, but all fed-up taxpayers can sympathize with the message

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