The Very Rich Really Are Very Different

The Romneys can buy anything they want - from national elections to wombs.

From the CSM: "Tagg Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's oldest son, announced Friday that he has newborn twin sons. Tagg Romney tweeted 'big thanks' to the surrogate who gave birth to the twins. David Mitt and William Ryder were born on Friday."

These are grandkiddos 17 and 18 for Ann and Mitt. Tagg (born in 1970) and his wife, Jen, already have four children, and this is the second time they have used a surrogate.

Here's a photo of Tagg with one of the twins.

Shaking my head, while I mutter, "This one is above my pay grade."


Ed said...

Izzy, this is why I am more afraid of Romney than Obama....

Is there any evidence that his wife couldn't have produced the children herself for any *biological* reason?
0r is it that we hand all the uncomfortable stuff off to the servant class?

TCC said...

Who knows, right?