OK Labor Commissioner Takes on WI Big Labor

My former Sooner State neighbor is in Wisconsin, today, publicly supporting Gov. Scott Walker, who faces a recall election next month.

From the press release: "Labor Commissioner Mark Costello (pictured, right) announced from Racine, Wisconsin that he is in Wisconsin campaigning for Governor Scott Walker. Walker is the subject of a militant union inspired, and funded, recall effort over pension and collective bargaining reforms. Walker's reforms have turned a $3.5 billion deficit into a $300 million surplus without raising taxes.

Walker has dominated the political debate on a national level by correcting unsustainable pension liabilities and generous benefit packages that were leading Wisconsin into bankruptcy. He also brought about needed collective bargaining reforms of unionized government workers.

As Walker heads into the final stretch of the union-funded recall effort, Costello is joining campaign efforts today in Racine, Wauwatosa, and Germantown. On Tuesday, Costello will campaign for Walker in Fond du Lac, Appleton, and Green Bay. Costello will be making campaign appearance at volunteer victory centers in support of Governor Walker.

Costello stated, 'Governor Walker is a nationwide hero of the taxpayer. 'It is a privilege for me, as Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, to campaign for a person of exceptional courage.' "

Well done, Commissioner! Too bad many denizens of the Sooner State have sold out to the unions. Note the negative comments about Mark's trip (which he paid for, btw), here.

Photo Update:
Credit: Jim M.

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