Small Town America's Avengers

Last night I caught the Avengers movie at the local Petoskey cinema. The projector died, just as Loki was beginning his nasty deeds. Yo? While the glitches were being fixed, the moviegoers waited without making a peep and without complaining.

(Tip: If you haven't seen the movie and plan to, stay, for a minute or two, after the final credits scroll.)

After the flick, a pleasant, arthritic woman slipped out of her wheelchair and landed flat on her back in the parking lot. Fortunately she wasn't seriously hurt, and a small crowd gently guided her back in the chair and into her car. She even had a escort (from among the moviegoers) to the nearby, excellent hospital (to check the nasty bruises on her arm).

If that wasn't enough small town drama (real life and make believe) for one night, it turned that, around dinnertime, a fire had burned down one of the beautiful million dollar vacation abodes in Bay Harbor (about four miles from the cinema). As a result, two other opulent homes experienced fire and water damage, but, also fortunately, no one was harmed. Thanks to Petoskey's extremely efficient first responders, a serious situation was brought under control very quickly. (The photos, from my not-smart phone, are of the aftermath of the fire, when the excavating crew showed.)

The end.

Update: Video of the fire, and nasty snark from an 'Occupy' type. Meanwhile, Revolut2012 is on a roll.

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