Why did the skateboarding chicken cross the road?

Heather Lockwood, a young police reporter in Petoskey and a fellow member of Public Safety Citizen Academy, wrote a first-person account of her ride-along with Lt. Tony Rice.

Like my ride-along experience (which occurred on Halloween), Heather's night was largely uneventful but not at all boring.

My escort for the evening was Officer Randy Davis. He dealt with a hit-and-run accident and a verbal altercation at a convenience store between two burly men. But the most memorable moment was the call of complaint, from a citizen, about the large 'chicken' riding a skateboard on a city street.

This is not a high crime community.

Thankfully, so.


Kenneth said...

Vigilance is called for. Those chickens can turn gangsta before you know it. ;-)

TCC said...

You mean like the Filthy Fowl? Fry Guys? Insane Chicken Posse? The Chickettes?

>cackle, cackle<