Old School Girl Power v. New School Girl Power

Lots of chatter. Some action.

Lots of action. Some chatter.


Anonymous said...

Notice the collective bias in all of this -- why does no one envision a future where the society is based around the individual and it is the government that has to struggle to exist? A populist everyman society where the state is not supreme?

Historically, states have become more powerful and then more inefficient and then collapsed into anarchy.

TCC said...

Great point! Thank you. However, I think that is one conclusions that can be drawn from the 'Hunger Games' series. In a cold, entertainment-oriented society, as the one where this character dwells, survival of the fittest and the cagiest is the norm.

The complete opposite of living in a 'loving one's neighbor as oneself' world - the Judeo-Christian model.