Raison d'etre: Hardy Vermonters, Not Illegals, Built the Green Mountain State

The Vermont governor - Peter Shumlin (in the little photo) - says his administration's policy, when it comes to illegal aliens, is to "look the other way ... as much as we can."

Shumlin means he doesn't want to know the immigration status of the undocumented farm workers he claims are crucial to harvest the crops and get the milk to market in Vermont.

This is how a lazy New Age economite thinks; not the way an honorable American who cares about the welfare of his fellow New Englanders acts.

Here's the video where he makes the reckless statement (which contains information about the controversial situation that triggered it). After watching it, ask yourself this question: Would you feel safe driving on the public roads of a de facto sanctuary state?

Sidebar: Disheartening results of an amnesty poll conducted by a small Sooner State newspaper.

Go here, and scroll down.

Another sidebar: Disturbing video about Britain's Pakistani sex gangs. Go here. Related: The UK's 'no to 70 million' anti-mass immigration petition.

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