Friday Fun: The Magic Yellow Rain Slicker

All summer long this raincoat was on display in various store windows throughout Emmet County, MI. It was marked down to $19.50 (from $59.50) and inscribed - discreetly - with the words "Up North Michigan." The coat, with the dark blue fleece lining, seemed to be marketed to the many tourists that visit Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Harbor Springs.

Au contraire. Loads of locals own one - including me.

It's fast become my favorite rain apparel, since it's lightweight and warm, and, of course, waterproof. I feel like a Mainer, or that I've inhabited Paddington Bear's world, when I put it on.

There's a pink version of the same exact rain slicker also for twenty bucks. Oddly, I haven't spotted anyone wearing one.

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