Occupy UP/Marquette

I snapped this photo while in Marquette, MI., a fairly liberal city for the UP. This nattily-dressed young man (who eagerly invited me to the rally) was acting as a walking advertisement for last weekend's event.

Earlier in October, an academic controversy, associated with the 'Occupy' events, erupted: "MARQUETTE - Northern Michigan University administrators are reviewing the conduct of a university faculty member after numerous students took issue with an extra credit project that involved attending a local protest earlier this month.

In the week leading up to the Oct. 15 Occupy the Upper Peninsula demonstrations - a small part of the now global Occupy Wall Street protests - assistant NMU professor of sociology Jeanne Lorentzen told students in several classes that they could gain 20 points of extra credit through participation in the Saturday morning march.

In an email sent on Oct. 13 to her entry-level SO 101 class, Lorentzen gave students the alternative extra credit option or writing a 20-page paper about a social movement."

What a choice, eh?

More about the extra credit assignment from hell from The Blaze.

BTW: The light fare of (e.g. the soups) Babycakes restaurant in downtown Marquette is outstanding.

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