Black Friday BUYcott Participant

I did my small part, for the BUYcott, and went to WalMart for the sales that began at 10 pm. No electronic gadgets, though. This pilgrim bought a red crock pot and a single cup coffee maker.


Kenneth said...

I'm guessing that in the northlands of Michigan you didn't encounter any gun or pepper spray wielding fellow consumers. ;-)

But, on a serious note, look at some of the crazed antics of Black Friday shoppers on youtube and think about what it would be like if these folks were fighting over food and fuel instead of consumer electronics.
Get prepared!

TCC said...

You guessed correctly. Some wayward shopping cart drivers, but, an overall orderly crowd.

A sobering, 'hunger games' scenario you present but not a stretch to imagine in the metropolises where folks aren't self-reliant homesteaders or hunters.

Ed said...

Kenneth -- a chilling thought, but I am not so sure they would last long doing this were they not able to do it with impunity.

Bullies are inherent cowards, and these are bullies.

Enough said?