Fri. Fun: The Haunted Financial House

I didn't post this last week, but here's my latest column from the Belgrade News. It had a Halloween theme. (Cue the Addams Family theme song.)

Here's the opening graf: "Halloween is almost here. Jack-o-lanterns, orange and black decorations, full moons, and wee ones dressed in superhero and gypsy costumes never get old. Alas, if only my observations about Oct. 31 could remain lighthearted. But tough financial times mean cutting back on the whimsical and getting serious, or, at least, combining the two strains of thought."

I go on to discuss federal transportation grants, free trade agreements, occupy movements, and government pensions.


Dylanarman said...

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TCC said...


Kenneth said...

Excellent, on point column.

Though, it would seem, someone was hitting the bong pretty hard at the Occupy Bozeman festivities or the virtual version thereof.

TCC said...

Thank you, Sir.

Many bong hitters in Bozeman and Missoula - both are college towns with a vibe similar to Merry ol' Amherst.

Hope you survived that storm, ok.