Fri. Fun: Breaking Dawn, Breaking Records

The big weekend has arrived.

Bella marries Edward and breaks Jacob's heart, and a gazillion tween gals swoon, and that's all I'm gonna write about that.


I changed my mind.

This fogey reviewer didn't appreciate Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and wrote a fun-snarky review.

Meanwhile, this blogger* tweaks some Mizzou feminists who didn't care for Twilight's traditionalist moral message. (Yeah, 'traditionalist' is a stretch when vampires and werewolves are in the equation, but go with the flow, people. Or, better yet, go with the fan-gs. Get it?)

Update: Ka-ching! Vampires yield big, big bucks.



Kenneth said...

Of course vampires are uber-fashionable. After all, they're the ones running the economy and the political system ;-)

TCC said...

Touche! However those political vampires aren't as photogenic or socially responsible as Edward Cullen and his coven. The Cullens, after all, don't snack/leech off humans.

Kenneth said...

Awesome! Can we get them to run? For political office, I mean, not away from pursuing werewolves.

TCC said...

Bring it! Cullen for Senator.

Let Eddie C. go after some real-life Washington Wereloves.

Ed said...

All I can say is that the childbirth scene is so gruesome that it is causing epileptic seizures because of the flashing lights.

Exactly why would someone want to go see something so gruesome?