Michigan Primary - August 3rd

Some thoughts about the Wolverine State's primary ...

Those of us who live in Congressman Bart Stupak's first district have the opportunity to hire a new representative, since Democrat Stupak called it quits earlier this year. The only woman who is running, in this race, is scrappy Linda Goldthorpe, a pro-bono attorney from the UP. Her views on immigration, as I've previously mentioned, are excellent, and she knows how to inspire a large crowd.

Unfortunately, Linda G. has "suspended" her campaign, but her name remains on the ballot. No explanation as to why she made this unexpected decision, but I hope she runs again for office in the near future.

The likely GOP winner of this primary (and, perhaps, the election) will be Dr. Dan Benishek, a UP surgeon. He isn't especially well-spoken and has a plodding manner, but he seems to be a solid enough conservative.

In the gubernatorial race, the candidate who understood - early on - that criminal illegal alien crime is a serious problem, even in the Mitten State, is Sheriff Mike Bouchard of Oakland County. He's also supportive of right-to-work legislation; an important, if impolitic, position given Michigan's high unemployment rate and sympathy for labor unions. As sheriff, he was involved in privatizing the county jails food services. More about him here.

Here's Mike speaking at an anti-amnesty rally in Lansing.

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