Girl Power: Linda Goldthorpe for Congress

Linda Goldthorpe is a pistol! She is running for Rep. Bart Stupak’s congressional seat in Michigan's 1st District

This pro-bono attorney is also pro-gun rights, pro-life, and pro-homeschooling. She's a mom and wife (her husband is a former U.S. Marine) who is a life-long resident of the Upper Peninsula. She describes herself as a “Ron Paul Republican." Her goal is to restore liberty and constitutional government to the country. Yahoo!

Here’s what Linda thinks about immigration: "It is outrageous that the American taxpayer is required by law to encourage and pay for the welfare of those who broke the law by entering this country—many of whom do not pay taxes. It is an insult to the millions who seek to enter this country legally, who must carefully conform to our immigration laws, that others can simply sneak in and be given free health care. It is an insult to our military that we leave ourselves wide open to attack from within while they are defending us overseas. It is an insult to law enforcement that they are required to aggressively pursue American lawbreakers while at the same time to let illegal occupants stay.

These are more than just insults. These are actions, not words. They are attacks. All of the energy the government spends supporting illegal immigrants comes at the expense of the American taxpayer."

Before she can go mano-a-mano with Stupak, she faces an August primary.

Video of Linda speaking at a Tea Party.

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