Why are so many Sooner State women in prison?

Charlie Meadows, longtime conservative activist who lives in Guthrie, Oklahoma, explains why the Sooner State leads the nation in the number of women in prison on a per capita basis: "The answer is really quite simple. We just have a lot of bad girls in the state, and we lock them up! We probably don’t have more bad girls in Oklahoma than in many other states, but we are tougher on crime than many other states.

Just this past week in central Oklahoma, we had three girls allegedly shoplifting. When confronted in a parking lot, they beat the female store employee so badly, she had to be hospitalized. In another event, a woman in Shawnee was accused of stealing an ambulance and leading police on a forty-mile speed chase, before she was apprehended. If found guilty, and especially if they have a previous record, these bad girls will probably go to prison."

Charlie, who has volunteered in inmate ministry, spoke up, because liberals in the Sooner state, along with Oklahoma's “we must be perceived as the best” propagandists, are indulging in the usual hand-wringing (and championing more taxpayer-wasting studies) to explain this incarceration stat.

FYI: 2,721 Sooner State women were imprisoned in 2008. 2,655 for 2009.


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