In Memory of Border Patrol Agent Rosas

Robert Rosas, who was murdered this past summer while patrolling the U.S.- Mexico border, is remembered in this op ed by D.A. King. D.A. operates the Dustin Inman Society blog.

He writes: "In November, Christian Daniel Castro Alvarez admitted entering the United States illegally from Mexico and killing Rosas. Other individuals suspected to be involved in the murder are still at large.

Maybe they made it into the interior of the United States. Maybe they've been rewarded with business licenses. Maybe they've been hired by an employer trying to save a buck or two on labor expenses. Maybe they will be given a traffic ticket for a broken taillight by an American policeman, and then sent on their way.

Maybe you soon will see some of them marching with other illegal aliens in American streets demanding taxpayer-funded health care, 'justice,' legalization - and U.S. citizenship."

That's the brutal truth and needs to be stated over and over again. Mr. Rosas was married and the father of two young children.

Thanks, D.A. for being a voice for those whose voices have been silenced.


eddievgarciamusic said...

That is horrendous.

The fact remains that as long as our government leaders remain ambivalent about this important issue, more and more illegals will cross our borders and continue to plague our society.

I am an immigrant who came to the US legally with my parents in the early 70s. When the law allowed us to become naturalized citizens, we exercised that option and proudly became US citizens.

Because we knew that English had to be our first language when dealing with our government, we learned the language and proudly stood in the US District Court when we took our oath as citizens and understood each and every word being said regarding our citizenship.

We came for a better life, prosperity and for freedom. Some argue that illegals come to the US for the same reasons and are categorized as illegals because they choose the "underground" method rather than the legal methods.

Perhaps their country of origin has no legal method because of its own instability, but it still doesn't excuse their actions.

If an illegal makes that decision and enters our country illegally, they must also accept the fact and risks if they are caught they will be deported.

The ulterior motives of illegals to enter our country illegally and give birth to "instant" American citizens should be criminal.

Furthermore, a child born on American soil to illegals should have no rights as an American citizen.

Furthermore, when their illegal parents are discovered and the deportation process is begun, the "sad story" depicted in the media is abhorrent.

The "illegal" parents knew their act was illegal. So their argument for sympathy needs to be discounted when they are discovered and the government enforces our laws regarding illegals.

Roll up the bridges to the castle, dig deeper moats and secure our borders.


Eddie V Garcia



TCC said...

"Roll up the bridges to the castle, dig deeper moats and secure our borders."

Well said! We could even throw a few gators in the moat, if need be. :>)