Machete Premiere

Jessica Alba, one of the stars of Machete and fake Latina, show offs her metallic dress and co-stars, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez at the recent L.A. premiere of the controversial immigration flick. More about the movie here, but the opening sentence should provide a clue why this one isn't for the folks who live in their heads: "In Robert Rodriguez's new grindhouse feature 'Machete,' the vengeful title character uses vicious cutlery to butcher his enemies."

Lindsay Lohan (pictured) plays a nun in Machete. (No, I'm not making this up.)

Boycott worthy!

P.S. Here's the trailer, in all its gory (not a typo), with the Cinco de Mayo warning to Arizona. Language, sleaze advisory.


Kenneth said...

Lindsay Lohan playing a nun?! Does the producer know how to spell--irony.

TCC said...

This was a 'for the shock element' casting, no doubt.